Misinformation – A rant

There was a time, when we used to receive letters and pick up the telephone which had a wire attached, and stay updated with news by reading newspapers. That was the time when we lived with simple understandings and one of those understanding was that this is real. The letter is truly from cousin didi,Continue reading “Misinformation – A rant”

Creative Vintage Ads

I’ve been looking for some inspiration lately, so I decided to go through some vintage ads to spark some creativity. Working in a creative field requires a lot of “thinking outside of the box” which can lead to hitting the dreadful wall. Thankfully some of these pieces have reminded me how wonderful the world ofContinue reading “Creative Vintage Ads”

Why Should Playing Tennis Be Your New Year Resolution

Benefits that you can claim while having fun •Live a longer life •Look younger •Get better problem-solving skills (with quick thinking)

•Have strong and healthy bones •
The best anger management therapy (relieve stress by smashing a ball as hard as you can)