Reflections of my Youth: A Poetry Collection By Mahesh Mali — Echoes In An Empty Room

Reflections of my Youth is a collection of poetry aboutLove & Romance,Heartbreak & Pain,And the world. It is split into three parts, each dealing with a different feeling. Reflections of My youth takes the readers on a journey to the different moments and revisits the various thoughts and emotions that one has in his/her youth. […]Continue reading “Reflections of my Youth: A Poetry Collection By Mahesh Mali — Echoes In An Empty Room”

Enter: Into Poetry By Mahesh Mali and Anshika Sharma

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This is a collection of poems parodying the trend of turning a single sentence into five lines by simply pressing ‘enter’ and calling it a poem. My Thoughts: This poem book is a little different to the previous one, the poems are shorter, but also included are…

Reflections of My Youth (Book Review)

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*I was provided a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review. Mahesh Mali’s Reflections of My Youth is a poetry collection. It is divided into three parts where he talks about Love, Heartbreak and the World. These parts are titled as “Love and…

Fifty Shades Trilogy

A friend of mine recommended this series to me, And she told me that this is her favorite book series. And also I had heard a lot about this ‘Bestseller‘. So, I decided to read the books and see what all the fuss is about? I must admit that, was avoiding to read this series dueContinue reading “Fifty Shades Trilogy”