Heart or Mind ?

​Today I’m going to share something that  I had kept concealed down in my memory lane, Something hidden in a secret folder, Where I keep all the evocative memories of her, Memories of her ardent love, Memories of “us” which now cause  nothing but overwhelming surges of pain. Yeah, she left me. She left me […]

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I am hers and she is mine

I come out of the bathroom, beads of water were still running down on my bare body as I tried to wipe them out. My partner’s abed—busy with her phone. She raised her head at the sight of me half-naked. She looked at me in the eye with so much longing, love, and fascination, her […]

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Killed By Expectations

I used to believe that fate Was bringing us together, But knew something long before I fell, I knew you would go, I knew it too well. Still, I used to set myself up with hope and always end up bathing in my own tears, drinking cup of  bitter-sweet memories, I met with disappointment when […]

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Ineffable Friendship 

It is a fantastic bond, It is passion past recognition, Caring from the depth of the soul, This is a connection so strong, So strong that it can hurt sometimes. Yet, It is so wonderful, Too intense to be pen down or capture, Conflicting feelings, Confusing feelings, So very many feelings. Oh, love, Words cannot […]

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Luring Arousal 

Reading her naughty eyes, which tells everything she wants, I feel a pleasant sensation, With her heavenly aroma, she drives me crazier, I just could not resist myself anymore, I pull her to me. We feel our breath, While our heartbeats convey everything we wish. Inner feelings aroused, I rub my hands all over her […]

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The Walls

The walls she have built Will come tumbling down one day And believe me, It won’t be too bad When she’ll see That someone can finally look in At who she really is, And love her for that. He will then build new wall around them, So no one will be able to steal his […]

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