I am hers and she is mine

I came out of the bathroom, beads of water were still running down on my bare body as I tried to wipe them out. My partner’s abed—busy with her phone. She raised her head at the sight of me half-naked. She looked at me in the eye with so much longing, love, and fascination, her […]

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Killed By Expectations

I used to believe that fate Was bringing us together, But knew something long before I fell, I knew you would go, I knew it too well. Still, I used to set myself up with hope and always end up bathing in my own tears, drinking cup of  bitter-sweet memories, I met with disappointment when […]

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Luring Arousal 

Reading her naughty eyes, which tells everything she wants, I feel a pleasant sensation, With her heavenly aroma, she drives me crazier, I just could not resist myself anymore, I pull her to me. We feel our breath, While our heartbeats convey everything we wish. Inner feelings aroused, I rub my hands all over her […]

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The Walls

The walls she have built Will come tumbling down one day And believe me, It won’t be too bad When she’ll see That someone can finally look in At who she really is, And love her for that. He will then build new wall around them, So no one will be able to steal his […]

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I want to see you smiling again !

I’m tired of trying, to know what is going on? I know, like every time you won’t share anything, I keep re-posting this truth inside my head. Thinking it would be alright. I’m losing my faith in decisions I take, Because my over thinking brain keep me haunting, That maybe it is something about me […]

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Into The Void

I was an achiever, I won everything I put my hands on… But still, the first sight of you, made me realize the void inside me which was always overlooked. It’s been only a few months, and unknowingly I got so attached. You have ignited my soul with a fire in me I have yet […]

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… I suddenly stopped.

I’m glad to present my second collaboration with Jadooo ( Fairy Kumar ), She is one of my favorite bloggers here. Please visit blog: https://pixiesparklecom.wordpress.com/ I suddenly stopped I love the wind, and flew with it! The flawless smile on my face, Exuberant me through the phase. Euphoric flight was always a delight but something… took […]

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She : A mystery

She’s a mystery unfathomable as Mona Lisa’s smile, Yet so beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about her. She is undoubtedly the most perfect person I know on this orb we call earth. Every thing she say sounds like she is reeciting Shakespeare – in the most endearing way. Most would find her really difficult […]

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