Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

Mayank stood as tall and proud as always, in a crowd full of eminent people wearing fancy party wear. Being the host, he was the center of that party, He had invited people to celebrate as his company – CosmoTech had got the contract to launch 8 commercial satellites.   With the night sky growing […]

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Secret Love ……7 

Namita Pankar I finally turned 17! I have never been so overwhelmed and thankful for such a wonderful day filled with all my family and friends and I literally cannot thank everyone enough for making my birthday so special<3 But, there was one thing I was hoping to happen on my birthday but didn’t happen […]

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Secret Love ……6

Max Martin  Tonight was Namita’s seventeenth birthday bash. and I was looking forward for some fun. Early that morning , Sanjana called me .. yeah …  isn’t it great when your crush calls you ? of course it is … She said , “We should reach there 30 minutes before the timing Namita have told […]

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Secret Love ……5

Sanjana Rosario Namita’s birthday is in next week. And I know what she love the most … books , of course . She is a totally a bookworm. Like me. She’s perfect example of what people calls ‘my type’. She is like walking-talking GoodReads recommendation list. She literally have collection of books that can be […]

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Secret Love ……4

Namita Pankar Hi .. What a magical word it is .. hi .. just two letters .. which changes everything .. makes stranger a friend .. I’m writing this because couple of months before .. Max was like a known stranger for me .. But after his “hi” on facebook changed everything .. at start […]

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Secret Love ……3

MAX MARTIN “Get up bhaiyya , Don’t you wanna see the result” loud voice of my younger brother George , disturbed my dream where I was on the date with Sanju. When I came out in hall after having a shower , Mom , dad , George & Bella all were sitted in front of […]

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Secret Love …… 2

SANJANA ROSARIO I am really in love with this place ! At first I missed the beautiful beaches of Goa .. But now I have started liking Pune , especially this college campus , in which my uncle have his apartment in one of the staff quarters here. I have decided to come here , […]

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