Secret Love ……3

MAX MARTIN “Get up bhaiya, Don’t you wanna see the result” loud voice of my younger brother George, disturbed my dream where I was on the date with Sanju. When I came out in the hall after having a shower, Mom, dad, George & Bella all were sitting in front of the laptop, waiting for […]

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Secret Love …… 2

SANJANA ROSARIO I am really in love with this place! At first, I missed the beautiful beaches of Goa. But now I have started liking Pune, especially this college campus, in which my uncle has his apartment in one of the staff quarters here. I have decided to come here, to this very place for my […]

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Secret Love …. 1

I pretty nervous now .. I am trying to write a short story … A complicated Love story … I’m writing this story in form of diary entries written by characters … their point of view … ( Please don’t expect a much from me .. I’m still immature at writing ) So here we […]

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How the preferences change ???

Yesterday, I was standing outside the medical store, standing in a queue, waiting for my turn to buy some medicines. There was an old man in front of the counter, who had old, almost-torn clothes on. He was nervously running his fingers through his white beard. The storekeeper brought a big medical box to counter […]

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Is Love Is everything ?

I read this amazing story recently & I can’t resist myself from sharing it : . He was a poor guy with big dream , A dream to make his daughter a doctor. His daughter was a cute princess & It was her high school result day, As he wished, his daughter was state topper […]

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Why Me ???

Whenever something wrong happens, Many of us start asking god .. Why me ??? read this true story.. And think again, Arthur Robert Ashe, Jr. , an American World No 1 professional tennis player. He won three Grand Slam titles, ranking him among the best tennis players from the United States. In the early 1980s, Ashe is believed to […]

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