Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night

It was dawn, breezy out there. A white Audi R8 came roaring in front of ‘The Galaxy‘ – Headquarter of CosmoTech. Mayank was passing by while taking his morning walk. He was surprised by this incidence as no outsiders were allowed to enter the hill at this time and people who lived there didn’t useContinue reading “Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night”

Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

Mayank stood as tall and proud as always, in a crowd full of eminent people wearing fancy party wear. Being the host, he was the center of that party, He had invited people to celebrate as his company – CosmoTech had got the contract to launch 8 commercial satellites. With the night sky growing darker,Continue reading “Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion”