Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night

As the dawn broke, a gentle breeze wafted through the air, carrying with it the distant sound of an engine. Mayank, on his morning walk, was caught off guard by the arrival of a white Audi R8, roaring past “The Galaxy” – the headquarters of CosmoTech. The people living on the hill did not useContinue reading “Awesomengers 2 : The Thrilling Night”

Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

Mayank stood tall and proud, his head held high amidst a sea of distinguished guests dressed in their finest party wear. As the host of the soirée, he was the center of attention, having invited everyone to revel in the success of his company, CosmoTech, which had just landed the contract to launch eight commercialContinue reading “Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion”