🚀 Boost Your Copywriting Skills With These 4 Powerful Cognitive Biases! 🧠

Boost your copywriting & content writing skills by leveraging 4 powerful cognitive biases: confirmation bias, reciprocity bias, authority bias, and scarcity bias. Learn how to align with your audience’s beliefs, provide value, leverage expert endorsements, and create urgency. Unleash the power of cognitive biases in your writing to captivate your audience and drive action.

Creative Vintage Ads

I’ve been looking for some inspiration lately, so I decided to go through some vintage ads to spark some creativity. Working in a creative field requires a lot of “thinking outside of the box” which can lead to hitting the dreadful wall. Thankfully some of these pieces have reminded me how wonderful the world ofContinue reading “Creative Vintage Ads”

3 Life Lessons I Learned from Tennis

1. There is always a time for a comeback It often happens that you are 0-40 down yet somehow you manage to reach deuce and then win that point. Similarly in life, if you don’t give up, you will win eventually. And believe me, victory tastes better if you have to work for it. 2.Continue reading “3 Life Lessons I Learned from Tennis”


I’m giving away my bestselling poetry collection “ENTER” for FREE on Kindle for a limited time. (And if you wouldn’t mind writing it a review when you’re finished, I would very much appreciate it!) Go ahead and get it for FREE SUPPORT YOUR WRITER FRIEND ✌🏽 Please help me reach more readers! I’ll be gratefulContinue reading “#1 BESTSELLER BOOK FOR FREE!!!”

Why Should Playing Tennis Be Your New Year Resolution

Benefits that you can claim while having fun •Live a longer life •Look younger •Get better problem-solving skills (with quick thinking)

•Have strong and healthy bones •
The best anger management therapy (relieve stress by smashing a ball as hard as you can)

Author Interview – Mahesh Mali & Anshika Sharma

Originally posted on BelieveU:
I feel so happy and my heart feels a little lighter than it is, to introduce you to two wonderful writers, Mahesh Mali and Anshika Sharma, the authors of ‘Enter: Into Poetry’. Mahesh and Anshika, Welcome to this interview! 🥁Drum rolls please🥁 Disclaimer: You may genuinely smile reading this. How would…