Stop Caste Based Reservation

There are some topics that people avoid speaking upon. Because we all know that when you speak about it you will always end up eating your words. And reservation is clearly one of those topics. Reservation was introduced to uplift the people from backward classes, to bring them to the mainstream. And I agree thatContinue reading “Stop Caste Based Reservation”

Unsent Letter From Secret Admirer #3

I love you, And I think you also know that very well and it’s alright if you ask me to be only friends. Then I want to be your best friend. I want to text or call you every morning and wish you a happy day or tell how much I miss you. I wantContinue reading “Unsent Letter From Secret Admirer #3”

Announcement !

Hello, Awesomengers! Hope everyone is doing great. Okay, instead of beating around the bush, let me get into the topic. For a while now, We’ve been working on something new, something amazing to present on the blogosphere. Yes, WE! I’m working on these concepts with some very talented bloggers. We are going to start aContinue reading “Announcement !”

​I want  to write a lovesong for her …

​I want  to write a lovesong for her , But I can’t find the words beautiful enough to describe her .. I don’t know what led me to love her , but I do know that talking to her makes me feel like I have found something I’d never searched for, yet somehow, she isContinue reading “​I want  to write a lovesong for her …”

Happy B’Day Pari ❤

How do you wish “Happy Birthday” to a friend you like? Well, we the members of Bloggers United have our own style of celebrating birthdays! And we had planned to make this birthday a spectacular one ! of course, it must be awesome as it’s a birthday of Pratishtha aka the PARI …   Pratishtha. Beautiful soul,  AwesomeContinue reading “Happy B’Day Pari ❤”