International Affairs

Grexit & Greece Crisis 

Greek government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos recently said that, “The Greek government is negotiating with responsibility and resolve… but all of that must, however, be without any additional burden, and without extra cost for Greek society. Our aim continues to be an agreement with not even a euro more of additional measures”   And again the Greek…

Heading towards the extinction

Even a regional war of nuclear detonations would produce 5 teragrams of black soot that would rise up to Earth’s stratosphere and block sunlight. This would produce a sudden drop in global temperatures that could last longer than 25 years and temporarily destroy much of the Earth’s protective ozone layer.

G20 Summit : Ceremony of honour and dishonour !

G20 being such a huge event journalist has a close watch on every bit of the happenings in the summit from body language to facial expressions of leaders, even the way they frame their statements. Series of such events are discussed in this article.

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