I am hers and she is mine

I came out of the bathroom, beads of water were still running down on my bare body as I tried to wipe them out. My partner’s abed—busy with her phone. She raised her head at the sight of me half-naked. She looked at me in the eye with so much longing, love, and fascination, her […]

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Imperishable Doubts 

I remember the night when I saw her after a long time, My heart had started pumping more blood to my mind that didn’t understand, how can this girl own my world again with a single glance? Albeit her gorgeous face was bewitching me with her magical smile, Her beautiful eyes didn’t meet the happiness […]

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Dowry & Great Indian shadi market

In last week, Sheetal Wayal, A 21-year-old girl, committed suicide because her father, an indebted farmer couldn’t bear dowry expenses. This is the second incident from that same village in which a girl had committed suicide over dowry. Mohini Bhise ended her life about a year ago in a similar fashion. She had left a […]

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Awesomengers 1 : The Reunion

Mayank stood as tall and proud as always, in a crowd full of eminent people wearing fancy party wear. Being the host, he was the center of that party, He had invited people to celebrate as his company – CosmoTech had got the contract to launch 8 commercial satellites.   With the night sky growing […]

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Sweek : Stories Never End.

“Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer. Some are written in the books, and some are confined to hearts” – Savi Sharma. These are the lines from ‘Everyone Has A Story‘ by Savi Sharma. And I guess you all must agree with her. Yes, we all have stories but where should we […]

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Killed By Expectations

I used to believe that fate Was bringing us together, But knew something long before I fell, I knew you would go, I knew it too well. Still, I used to set myself up with hope and always end up bathing in my own tears, drinking cup of  bitter-sweet memories, I met with disappointment when […]

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