My New Book!

Presenting to you ‘Enter’. A collection of poems parodying the trend of turning a single sentence into multiple lines by simply pressing ‘enter’ and calling it #poetry. We wrote it in just four hours. Have fun reading it!


The starry night looks down on us,It blesses me with its magic,As see my love flaunting her cute smile,Hiding her wildness, behind traditional attire,Knowing what we share is beyond words, I’m afraid,will my words do justice to what I feel?It is not just passion,Nor the simple vanity of our hearts,It is a divine fire within.Continue reading “Blessing”


If someone meets me,They will find me calm,But there are storms of emotions they can’t see,they can’t even hear this atheist chanting psalm. There is a silent war without swordsbut guns loaded with shardsof a heart that is now obsoleteForgotten how to beat. But I’m good at hiding,keeping things perfectly encrypt.Though I share everything andContinue reading “undecipherable”


प्रेमकहाणी – A marathi love poem (with english translation)

Just another dying rose?

A poem about the emotions you feel after facing an existential threat to your relationship

Stay by my side

Ask me if I’m okay.When I say I’m fine, Ask me again.Because I’m not.I am breaking inside.I want you to be the anchor of my sanity,Stay by my side. I know it’s getting late and you should go,But I want you to stay,I know you love me,But I want to hear you say.I need youContinue reading “Stay by my side”


poem about LGBT community

Real Men

They say real men don’t cry,Growing up I heard real men don’t ask, they take,I kept hearing this, but never got any answer when I ask ‘why’.Boys like me learned to be fake. Real men don’t blah blah blah,the list will keep going on,Raising us right or bringing us down? Molding us into Kings,With aContinue reading “Real Men”


A poem about War

Woke (in Marathi, Hindi & English)

A poem about so-called “woke” people who keep passing their opinions without having much knowledge of the situation/issue.

Modern Literature

A poem about modern poetry and recent trends in the literature.

Just you and me

A love poem wishing for a gate-away with the girlfriend


poem about silence

Me and the cosmos

Poem about life – a journey of becoming something from nothing – about falling and standing again!

Inner Demons

poem about inner demons

False Consciousness

What if I tell you that you are nothing but a cash cow? They are making you chase the money, For which you become their corporate slave! Then the system steal all that wealth you gain, By creating delusional reality, Spreading lies that are now so engraved in your brain. Look around, what you see?Continue reading “False Consciousness”


First of all, I would like to say sorry to those of you who were waiting for the next part of The Captive of True Love. I am still working it. Anyway, yesterday, Anshika sent me her new poem and I wrote something in response and accidentally we did a new collaboration, here it is.Continue reading “PAST”

Stillness in Turmoil

While everything around me whirls and storms, I remain grounded. In the middle of all the turmoil Of all the intense energies and emotions, When it’s all just so dark, I cannot see anything, cannot touch or hear. I think about you, My heart feels your love. And I get clarity. With no pause betweenContinue reading “Stillness in Turmoil”

Nationalistic Rite

I suffer from the conflagration in my mind, Should I stay on the side of dissent? Or should I dive in the stream of the contemporary nationalistic rite? I worry that someday the reflections of my youth may pass me by, Like traces on the car window, Driving at 120 on the freeway, Haunting me,Continue reading “Nationalistic Rite”


Dying embers. Wild flames. Twenty-six letters. A thousand names. Scratches on paper. Slender frames. Young words. Ancient games Wither and fade, Into an insipid blur. But with some Rhyme, Alliteration, Assonance, And consonance, Forming a battalion of lines And stanzas, Winning hearts, And breaking too. Leaves their mark. Forever. – Mahesh Mali. Copyrighted © 2017–18Continue reading “Words”

तिच्या आठवणींचा अवकाळी पाऊस

आज अवकाळी पाऊस आला… आणि तिच्या आठवणींचे ढग माझ्या मनी दाटू लागले ! वाटत होतं इतके दिवस की तीच्या आठवणींना खूप मागे सोडून दिलंय मी, पण आज तिच्याच स्मृतींमध्ये हरवून टाकत होता मला तो मातीचा सुगंध, आणि तो गार गार वारा. मला परत परत आठवत होता तो आमचा पाऊसातला बंधुंद नाच, ती अविस्मरणीय रात्र आणिContinue reading “तिच्या आठवणींचा अवकाळी पाऊस”

Illustration of heart and mind trying to pull the man to their respective side

Heart or Mind ?

poem about the conflict between heart and mind

Killed By Expectations

I used to believe that fate Was bringing us together, But knew something long before I fell, I knew you would go, I knew it too well. Still, I used to set myself up with hope and always end up bathing in my own tears, drinking cup of  bitter-sweet memories, I met with disappointment whenContinue reading “Killed By Expectations”

Luring Arousal 

Reading her naughty eyes, which tells everything she wants, I feel a pleasant sensation, With her heavenly aroma, she drives me crazier, I just could not resist myself anymore, I pull her to me. We feel our breath, While our heartbeats convey everything we wish. Inner feelings aroused, I rub my hands all over herContinue reading “Luring Arousal “

The Walls

The walls she have built Will come tumbling down one day And believe me, It won’t be too bad When she’ll see That someone can finally look in At who she really is, And love her for that. He will then build new wall around them, So no one will be able to steal hisContinue reading “The Walls”

Into The Void

I was an achiever, I won everything I put my hands on… But still, the first sight of you, made me realize the void inside me which was always overlooked. It’s been only a few months, and unknowingly I got so attached. You have ignited my soul with a fire in me I have yetContinue reading “Into The Void”

… I suddenly stopped.

I’m glad to present my second collaboration with Jadooo ( Fairy Kumar ), She is one of my favorite bloggers here. Please visit blog: https://pixiesparklecom.wordpress.com/ I suddenly stopped I love the wind, and flew with it! The flawless smile on my face, Exuberant me through the phase. Euphoric flight was always a delight but something… tookContinue reading “… I suddenly stopped.”

She : A mystery

She’s a mystery unfathomable as Mona Lisa’s smile, Yet so beautiful that I can’t stop thinking about her. She is undoubtedly the most perfect person I know on this orb we call earth. Every thing she say sounds like she is reeciting Shakespeare – in the most endearing way. Most would find her really difficultContinue reading “She : A mystery”

I’m scared – Again !?

I’m scared. I am scared of losing patience, Which is fading slowly as nothing lasts forever, It might cut away the small thread of hope, Hope that everything will be alright, wish it would last if not forever then at least a little longer. I’m scared of random flashbacks of the time When I actedContinue reading “I’m scared – Again !?”

He & She 

After wonderful collaborations called Desire & Destiny, I’m excited to present you my third collaboration with Antara { My friend, counselor, guide and awesome blogger }  you can read her amazing work at https://damseldrudge.wordpress.com/ I hope you’ll enjoy this one! His kisses, slow yet so passionate and arousing, Pulling me towards his chest, he grips me by my curves, He leaves hisContinue reading “He & She “


My kisses form the reply to  each moan escaping your lips, with every pull and every thrust, We dive deep in the ocean called bliss. our breaths softly sighing in tiny room, With an utterance of punctuation, Our souls lost in some mysterious dimension. – Mahesh #Erotica #Fiction #Sensual Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali |Continue reading “Euphoria”

My Muse 

She excite the tempo of my heartbeats, as she conduct the orchestrations within my daydreams. She is my original muse, the one who got me into writing. Calling ‘complete package’ is also an understatement for her, My thousand words can’t impress or even describe her, But still I’m writing, As every time I take aContinue reading “My Muse “

We are ONE

We all are humans, But still, we categorized ourselves by the differences, In the languages, we speak, the color of our skin, in the places, we live, what we have faith in. We all suffer from sickness, sadness, rejection. No matter whether we believe only in science, or teachings of any religion. All these toContinue reading “We are ONE”

Phantasmic Girl

Sometime I tried to wrote her in the form of poetry. But never succeeded in finding the right words. Sometime I tried to read her, like a pages of secret diary. But the words keep changing with every passing moment. Hiding the secret it hold. Sometime I tried to search her, But I wasn’t ableContinue reading “Phantasmic Girl”

Be My Queen

It ain’t a sin, I’m just admiring the best I have seen, It’s the same old feeling, It has always been. I hope I could be there with you now, by any means, Because I want you next to me, With no distance in between, So close that I can  feel your skin, That’s theContinue reading “Be My Queen”

Part of me 💔

There is a part of me that is fallen in the deep shadow of grief. there is a part of me broken into pieces as a result of knowing your side. There is a layer of me that widens out and falls down on me over and over again, There is part of me askingContinue reading “Part of me 💔”

Amour Magique

​ As our lips collide, My heart started expanding a thousand fold … I thirst every spicy flavor you hold, I feel your pulse pounding within me … felt something magical, with mortal words it can not be told … As we lie watching the night sky, Embracing tight ; when the ocean was singingContinue reading “Amour Magique”

Let’s be one !

Let’s try to read each other’s eyes, Let’s lay together, wrapped in each other’s arms. Surrender to me your soft red ruby lips, when the moon will be smiling down upon us. Give me the delight of love’s raging fire that burns within you. And Intoxicate me with your wine sweet kisses. Trust me, youContinue reading “Let’s be one !”

I Can’t 

I know you are not mine you want me to it let go but I can’t, I can’t! Call me stupid, call me insane I’ve never felt like this towards anyone Can’t hide these feelings inside I tried but I can’t hold back anymore You want me to stop , my mind don’t want to,Continue reading “I Can’t “

You Know !?

You know , you are so beautiful that I have to search new words to compliment you ! You know , for me writing poem was a lengthy process , But you arouse poetry within me every time we talk !! You know , you are so perfect that I might don’t deserve you ,Continue reading “You Know !?”

I Will Wait …

​For me, Love was never just a word to say, Or game to play… Maybe that’s why I never said those three magical words to anybody before.. Maybe my story was meant to be crazy, illogical & weird… She made me experience what it means to fall in love, Though she deserves someone far betterContinue reading “I Will Wait …”

Destiny ❤

After the success of erotic collaboration called Desire 💕  , I’m back with a new collaboration with Antara . So, go take look at this poetic collaboration ;)👇 And please don’t forget to share your views in the comment box. Her silence disquieted him, Nudging and pleading her to talk, She smiled on being reminded of past. TheContinue reading “Destiny ❤”

Not The One 

Today , I saw her after a long time , Don’t know what & why …. But … seemed like my heart paused for a while …  At the very first sight of her , I started walking towards her .. But … Brain said .. ” stop .. stop there , She ignored youContinue reading “Not The One “

Masked Souls 

Hola Awesomengers !! I’m pretty excited to share with my new collaboration …For the first time, I’ve written something with Anshika ( aalienprincess.wordpress.com ) Actually, It is her poem … I’ve just added a few lines and made some changes into her original draft … so all credit goes to Anshika … Please do check and followContinue reading “Masked Souls “

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