Secret Love

Secret Love …. 1

I pretty nervous now .. I am trying to write a short story … A complicated Love story … I’m writing this story in form of diary entries written by characters … their point of view … ( Please don’t expect a much from me .. I’m still immature at writing ) So here weContinue reading “Secret Love …. 1”

Secret Love …… 2

SANJANA ROSARIO I am really in love with this place! At first, I missed the beautiful beaches of Goa. But now I have started liking Pune, especially this college campus, in which my uncle has his apartment in one of the staff quarters here. I have decided to come here, to this very place for myContinue reading “Secret Love …… 2”

Secret Love ……3

MAX MARTIN “Get up bhaiya, Don’t you wanna see the result” loud voice of my younger brother George, disturbed my dream where I was on the date with Sanju. When I came out in the hall after having a shower, Mom, dad, George & Bella all were sitting in front of the laptop, waiting forContinue reading “Secret Love ……3”

Secret Love ……4

Namita Pankar Hi. What a magical word it is .. hi .. just two letters .. which changes everything make a stranger a friend. I’m writing this because a couple of months before .. Max was like a known stranger for me. But after his “hi” on Facebook changed everything .. at the start IContinue reading “Secret Love ……4”

Secret Love ……5

Sanjana Rosario Namita’s birthday is in next week. And I know what she loves the most … books, of course. She is a totally a bookworm. Like me. She’s the perfect example of what people call ‘my type’. She is like walking-talking GoodReads recommendation list. She literally has a collection of books that can beContinue reading “Secret Love ……5”

Secret Love ……6

Max Martin  Tonight was Namita’s seventeenth birthday bash. and I was looking forward to some fun. Early that morning, Sanjana called me .. yeah …  isn’t it great when your crush calls you ? of course it is … She said, “We should reach there 30 minutes before the timing Namita have told us. So,Continue reading “Secret Love ……6”

Secret Love ……7 

Namita Pankar I finally turned 17! I have never been so overwhelmed and thankful for such a wonderful day filled with all my family and friends and I literally cannot thank everyone enough for making my birthday so special<3 But, there was one thing I was hoping to happen on my birthday but didn’t happenContinue reading “Secret Love ……7 “

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