Luring Arousal 

Reading her naughty eyes, which tells everything she wants, I feel a pleasant sensation, With her heavenly aroma, she drives me crazier, I just could not resist myself anymore, I pull her to me. We feel our breath, While our heartbeats convey everything we wish. Inner feelings aroused, I rub my hands all over herContinue reading “Luring Arousal “

He & She 

After wonderful collaborations called Desire & Destiny, I’m excited to present you my third collaboration with Antara { My friend, counselor, guide and awesome blogger }  you can read her amazing work at I hope you’ll enjoy this one! His kisses, slow yet so passionate and arousing, Pulling me towards his chest, he grips me by my curves, He leaves hisContinue reading “He & She “

Desire 💕

One more collaboration 🙌 Actually I was bit nervous to make a collaboration with this amazing blogger , friend : Antara ( ) But here I’m publishing this creation … I have tried writing #erotic this time ( not-so-erotic ) .. Hope you’ll like this 😇 Those beguiling eyes and noetic words,  Your velvety touch symphonizedContinue reading “Desire 💕”