Dissent ≠ Anti-National

This Thursday, High Court set aside the disciplinary action taken by JNU against 15 of its students, including ex-JNUSU President Kanhaiya Kumar, in connection with a controversial event on February 9 last year in the varsity. I can remember how angry I was when I heard that some students of JNU have ‘allegedly’ raised the […]

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Heading towards the extinction

​We have less than 1,000 years to escape planet earth or face extinction – Professor Stephen Hawking. I read this in the newspaper last week and It was enough for my mind to start brainstorming, Why one of the world’s smartest man is saying that the future of humanity lies in space !? why he […]

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We are ONE

​ We all are humans, But still, we categorized ourselves by the differences, In the languages, we speak, the color of our skin, in the places, we live, what we have faith in. We all suffer from sickness, sadness, rejection. No matter whether we believe only in science, or teachings of any religion. All these […]

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