One Night Stand

I have moved on; At least that’s what I kept telling myself, But have my mind ever accepted what I say? So, I decided to try a dating app, Thinking, maybe this a great way, Not just to confirm the closure, And to reassure myself, But to tell everyone else that I’m not someone who […]

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Stillness in Turmoil

While everything around me whirls and storms, I remain grounded. In the middle of all the turmoil Of all the intense energies and emotions, When it’s all just so dark, I cannot see anything, cannot touch or hear. I think about you, My heart feels your love. And I get clarity. With no pause between […]

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Me. She. Us. Amazing.

Naked for my eyes, Yearning can’t disguise, Crimsoned with desire, Her skin did perspire. I pulled her to me, kissing does ensue, Breasts crushed against my chest, Hands on buttocks pressed, Her eyes closed as if savoring the heat of my breath on her neck. Her hands stretched casually towards me, searching for arousal, Maybe […]

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Heart or Mind ?

Today I’m going to share something that I had kept concealed down in my memory lane, Something is hidden in a secret folder, Where I keep all the evocative memories of her, Memories of her ardent love, Memories of “us” which now cause nothing but overwhelming surges of pain. Yeah, she left me. She left […]

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Amour Magique

​ As our lips collide, My heart started expanding a thousand fold … I thirst every spicy flavor you hold, I feel your pulse pounding within me … felt something magical, with mortal words it can not be told … As we lie watching the night sky, Embracing tight ; when the ocean was singing […]

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