How the preferences change ???

Yesterday, I was standing outside the medical store, standing in a queue, waiting for my turn to buy some medicines. There was an old man in front of the counter, who had old, almost-torn clothes on. He was nervously running his fingers through his white beard. The storekeeper brought a big medical box to counterContinue reading “How the preferences change ???”

Stolen Heart ❤

#Rom-Com ​Unknowingly unwillingly you have stole my heart  i’ve complained to cops..but they said you have to wait for 24 hours before complaining about missing object. So , I decided to meet you and talk …  – He  We met and confabulated,you were shy,so was I…All we could do was smile but the real smileContinue reading “Stolen Heart ❤”

Unplugged Love ❤  (part – I )

Hello Awesomengers , here I present to you, a  Collaboration by the four of us: Me , Antara , Chandni & Shreya . And It’s a privilege to work with these three ACE bloggers! Presenting  Unplugged Love ❤ part – 1 Stay tuned !!  Part 2 coming soon 😉 Copyrighted © 2016-17 Mahesh Mali | Awesomengers  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED