Monochromatic Patriotism

Carrying the divine glory, Legacy of the greatest of the great, An epic story, With a billion characters, Shaping Vishwaguru’s fate. There lay the legendary artists, saints, and kings, On this soil of Hindustan It’s time for our generation to expand our wings, Fly to new heights, creating a new history, Our new dastaan. ButContinue reading “Monochromatic Patriotism”

Nationalistic Rite

I suffer from the conflagration in my mind, Should I stay on the side of dissent? Or should I dive in the stream of the contemporary nationalistic rite? I worry that someday the reflections of my youth may pass me by, Like traces on the car window, Driving at 120 on the freeway, Haunting me,Continue reading “Nationalistic Rite”