Story of a lovesick fool

Lately, I found that I could not write about her, It’s not that there are no feelings to describe, It’s not even a problem of having second thoughts about those feelings. The problem is that no matter how much I have delved into my brain or how much effort I put into finding a way […]

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I’m scared – Again !?

I’m scared. I am scared of losing patience, Which is fading slowly as nothing lasts forever, It might cut away the small thread of hope, Hope that everything will be alright, wish it would last if not forever then at least a little longer. I’m scared of random flashbacks of the time When I acted […]

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I Can’t 

I know you are not mine you want me to it let go but I can’t, I can’t! Call me stupid, call me insane I’ve never felt like this towards anyone Can’t hide these feelings inside I tried but I can’t hold back anymore You want me to stop , my mind don’t want to, […]

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I Will Wait …

​For me, Love was never just a word to say, Or game to play… Maybe that’s why I never said those three magical words to anybody before.. Maybe my story was meant to be crazy, illogical & weird… She made me experience what it means to fall in love, Though she deserves someone far better […]

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