A memory of days gone by

The kite, ensnared and motionless,Caught in the jacaranda tree’s grip,Amidst the spring’s vibrant blossom,Frozen in this moment, time’s slip. Beneath, a non-functioning fountain,A rusted testament to days gone by,Its silence speaks of memories once certain,Now lost to the ebb and flow of time’s tide. Here, a stillness lingers in the air,As the kite and treeContinue reading “A memory of days gone by”


The starry night looks down on us,It blesses me with its magic,As see my love flaunting her cute smile,Hiding her wildness, behind traditional attire,Knowing what we share is beyond words, I’m afraid,will my words do justice to what I feel?It is not just passion,Nor the simple vanity of our hearts,It is a divine fire within.Continue reading “Blessing”


If someone meets me,They will find me calm,But there are storms of emotions they can’t see,they can’t even hear this atheist chanting psalm. There is a silent war without swordsbut guns loaded with shardsof a heart that is now obsoleteForgotten how to beat. But I’m good at hiding,keeping things perfectly encrypt.Though I share everything andContinue reading “undecipherable”