Be My Queen

It ain’t a sin, I’m just admiring the best I have seen, It’s the same old feeling, It has always been. I hope I could be there with you now, by any means, Because I want you next to me, With no distance in between, So close that I can  feel your skin, That’s theContinue reading “Be My Queen”

Destiny ❤

After the success of erotic collaboration called Desire 💕  , I’m back with a new collaboration with Antara . So, go take look at this poetic collaboration ;)👇 And please don’t forget to share your views in the comment box. Her silence disquieted him, Nudging and pleading her to talk, She smiled on being reminded of past. TheContinue reading “Destiny ❤”

Masked Souls 

Hola Awesomengers !! I’m pretty excited to share with my new collaboration …For the first time, I’ve written something with Anshika ( ) Actually, It is her poem … I’ve just added a few lines and made some changes into her original draft … so all credit goes to Anshika … Please do check and followContinue reading “Masked Souls “