Stillness in Turmoil

While everything around me whirls and storms, I remain grounded. In the middle of all the turmoil Of all the intense energies and emotions, When it’s all just so dark, I cannot see anything, cannot touch or hear. I think about you, My heart feels your love. And I get clarity. With no pause between […]

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Nationalistic Rite

I suffer from the conflagration in my mind, Should I stay on the side of dissent? Or should I dive in the stream of the contemporary nationalistic rite? I worry that someday the reflections of my youth may pass me by, Like traces on the car window, Driving at 120 on the freeway, Haunting me, […]

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Dying embers. Wild flames. Twenty-six letters. A thousand names. Scratches on paper. Slender frames. Young words. Ancient games Wither and fade, Into an insipid blur. But with some Rhyme, Alliteration, Assonance, And consonance, Forming a battalion of lines And stanzas, Winning hearts, And breaking too. Leaves their mark. Forever. – Mahesh Mali. Copyrighted © 2017–18 […]

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I am scared

I’m scared to write something about you, because I’m not supposed to let you know that I’m thinking about you. Drugged on words, soaked in silence; Staring madly at the blank page, Be it shattered nights or breaking dawns, I always end up painting my emotions into words; writing something excruciating, You may feel my […]

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Magical Step 

I am very excited and happy to share the collaboration of Jadoo & Mcube :D:D I’m feeling blessed to work with a Real Fairy 👼 . Please do visit her blog .. And be prepared to be amazed by heavenly good writing skill 😇 Magical Step It was a magic spell, Coruscating from a resplendent shell. I stepped towards […]

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