Me and the cosmos

I’m but a speck of dust.
An imperfect child of the universe.
Gliding with the wind,
But in my mind,
I’m on my adventure,
To someplace unseen;
To some state attainable,
My life is a mystery,
Searching for a place it belongs,
To achieve mastery.

In this journey,
Life unfolds an irony,
When I sit here
In solitude,
Reciting that I don’t care,
As I scroll through old memories.
Wondering will I ever be over this,
And when.

There’s something
In this loneliness,
Those quiet moments,
They hold you,
That’s all they do.
Until the fears subside,
Until the tears dry,
And you start to believe
That at that moment
Nothing can hurt you.

There I found a solution,
Maybe all I need is to shed some load.
The lighter the faster.
Dumping baggage,
To be a step closer.
But if I could,
I would have already.
Already living a life I didn’t plan.
A tragedy.

It’s impossible to explain,
But I’ll get over everything,
In just a few years.
I’ll survive every whirlwind of emotions,
I’ll cross every river of fears.
Some might say I changed.
But now there’s no turning back.
No more white flags,
When my self-respect is under attack.
In pleasing others,
And following by their orders,
I made myself a failure.
And that’s blame on me not them.
It’s my ship and I’m the sailor.
Learning from the mistakes,
Leaving the naive me in a hearse,
I’m now marching forward,
To create my own universe.

– Mahesh Mali

If you haven’t already read, go check out my poetry collection – “Reflections of My Youth

Copyrighted © 2016-19

Mahesh Mali |Awesomengers

Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

42 thoughts on “Me and the cosmos

    1. Thank you, Jane!

      They say, to be worth publishing, a poem ought to be one that demands to be read again. So, I’m glad you found this poem to be of that kind.


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