Part of me 💔

There is a part of me that is fallen in the deep shadow of grief.
there is a part of me broken into pieces as a result of knowing your side.

There is a layer of me that widens out and falls down on me over and over again,

There is part of me asking the same question again and again,

whether you threw frustration of something else or you really intended to broke my heart.

I might change drastically as a result of all these happenings,

there might be a death of old me and a birth of new me,

But still, I am not mad at you,

still, there’s a part of me who will always pray for you.

Because there is a part of me who believe that it’s all my fault.

There is part of me that is lost in the mist of dreams,

There is part of me, trying to wake me up from this nightmares.

– Mahesh

There’s a part of me who have decided to stop writing poems. Awesomengers is now filled with just poems, so now onwards I am going to focus on writing articles and short stories.

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Published by Mahesh Mali

Author of 'Reflections of My Youth' | Student @ SPPU | Former Fellow @BeingVolunteer | Freelancer @PlayoApp | Tennis Player

41 thoughts on “Part of me 💔

  1. And I believe, there is a part of you that even you haven’t discovered yet, something better and more positive! 😃 I don’t know what but I believe whatever happened made you a more mature person, you will be fine very very soon! Stay strong and happy.

    -Firefly ☺☺

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    1. The most valuable thing you spend on someone/something is your emotions and even after pouring all my emotions into these poems, there’s no value remaining in it if reader thinks my words are just words.

      Jadooo ! what’s all this ??? remember you asked me once what my posts are talking about ? you used to say that all these
      things are not meant for this stage !
      Now, I have got your point, bit lately though 😑

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      1. But I think your thoughts got absolutely conveyed the way you wanted to to the respective reader… Emotions also got understood!
        But yes even I do think the same though I too sometimes though but yes I remember my point of view and think that people must wait for the right stage & time to give place for such imp. thing which people take for granted in today’s world but I know a person like you (Mcube😉) will definitely understand. Hope you do!
        All we can do is keep on continuing with a big smile & hope😉😉😉😊😊

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      2. You know my semester exams are going on 😬
        Anyways best luck to me 😂😂😂
        Tumhe toh wishes ki koi zaroorat nahi, because you have that heavenly magical dust, right ? 😜😜 #joking
        All the best Jadooo 👍

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      3. Nowadays, 5 minutes are sufficient for me to write a poem 😂😂😂
        All we need is some inspiration / emotions flowing in our mind to write something like this … and ALL THE BEST Jadoo 😉😉

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