Secret Love ……7 

Namita Pankar

I finally turned 17! I have never been so overwhelmed and thankful for such a wonderful day filled with all my family and friends and I literally cannot thank everyone enough for making my birthday so special<3

But, there was one thing I was hoping to happen on my birthday but didn’t happen … I was hoping that Max is going to propose me on my birthday, as it’s been so many days I’m hanging out with him, having those sweet long chats …
As shy nerd he is .. I don’t think that he will speak his heart out so soon .. he might take some months! that’s the only thing I hate about him .. why he is soo shy !?
Being a modern girl I question tradition and how gender roles should change as we move forward as a society .. I have decided to propose him !! yes,  why should boys have all the fun?
Needless to say, I was incredibly nervous. What if he says no? Also, was I ready? I tried not to think about it for awhile.
I called him to join me for trying the food at new restaurant launched in front of his favorite bookstore, I didn’t dress up or anything because that would be out of character and I didn’t want to do anything to raise his suspicions.
Finally .. He was there, seated next to me, looking super cute as he always does.
For a long moment, all I did was gaze into his eyes, filled to the brim with emotions unspoken, deeper than the ocean.
I told myself, you want to date him, he’s a nice guy, and you love him, so don’t think again!
I took deep breath and hoped this yoga type shit would help to not-to-speak-something-stupid …
I gathered all my courage and courage and spoke out ” Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true… I Love You! ”
{ I had spent a lot of time deciding the right words … But my brain was blanked out .. so I said this lines, what I thought that very moment }
He looked at me, confused and wobbled his head, a mix of a Yes and No.

( To know what happened next, stay tuned 😜 )
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